I have been riding, racing and hot rodding Sportsters for as long as I have been
on street bikes. If you are looking for a shop that knows and loves Sportys give
me a call. I'll talk straight to you with enthusiasm and 40 years of experience.

The 2007 and up XL's  have the ability to produced fantastic streetable
horsepower without the hassles that big carburetors brought with them.
We do complete head & throttlebody  work in house. Our Stage 2 head job
comes with bronze guides and oversize valves topped out with beehive
performance springs.

The new chassis ride and handle well from the factory but fade quickly. We can  
tune the forks and shocks for a good ride that matches your weight and riding
We can help fit your bike to you with seat, handlebar and foot pegs adjustments.
Call or stop by and talk to Greg about getting the most out of your bike.