I have been riding and hot rodding Sportsters for forty years.
If you are looking for a shop that knows and likes Sportsters Call Us!
I have been riding, racing and hot rodding Sportsters for as long as I have been
on street bikes. If you are looking for a shop that knows and loves Sportys give
me a call. I'll talk straight to you with enthusiasm and 40 years of experience.
We can help you get the most out of your bike for your riding style and budget
The Evo Sportster has proven to be a reliable and fun bike with unlimited performance potential  
2004 and up rubber mounted engine and new frame tuned it into a bike you can ride all day
2007 up fuel injected engines allow for precise tuning for high performance and driveability
You can have a 100 hp Sportster now that starts,idles and doesn't mind traffic!


If you are looking to get a better ride or stance we can help
I've ridden rigid choppers that ride better than new Nightster's, Forty Eight's, Seventy Two's and
The good news is that they don't have to!
The first thing I have always done to mt Sporty's is upgrade the suspension.
Modern shocks like the Progressive Suspension 412 Cruise shock will give the back of your bike that
low look and a great ride. The stock fork springs start out mediocre at best and sack out to worthless
A set of  Progressive Suspension fork springs and quality fluid makes a world of difference with out
breaking the bank. A cartridge kit helps even more.
Seats, footpegs and handlebars can be changed so your bike fit YOU!

Want a 26" front wheel or Fat Rear wheel? We can do it!

Call Greg for all your SPORTSTER needs