Sportster Engine Kits
Whether you have a 1200 or want to convert your 883 to 1200 we can get the most out of your budget.
It is imposable to post exact prices unless your bike is factory stock. Most customers have already done something like
exhaust, air filter and even a tuner. We may be able to work with what you already have.   

Kits can be adapted for carbureted Evo XL's by adding a 42 mm Mikuni carb kit and digital ignition.
Stage 2 High Output 1200
This is the bad boy.

We start with your heads, clean and port them to XL spec 1.67 intake port diameter, install bronze guides and fit them to high flow
1.900, 1.615 coated stainless 7mm valves.  Seats and throat are finished on the Newen CNC head machine and combustion
chambers matched to target compression ratio.
Springs and clearances will be set up for .600 or .650 lift depending on the cam.

Throttle Body
The XL throttlebody and manifold are a big obstacle in making high rpm horsepower. It just doesn't flow air. The throttle plate is
45mm but the body tappers down to 1.55" or 39.5mm. The manifold inlet and head outlets are the same 39.5mm. That just will
not make power over 6000 rpm.

The Screamin' Eagle 58mm kit is huge but it's manifold is no better than the stock one.

HPI makes a 51mm  with 1.71 ports that really flows some air combined with S2 heads matched to the 1.71 diameter. This
throttlebody along with 4.2g/s injectors is a must for big bore 88 or 90" engines but almost overkill on a 74". At almost $950 for
the body and injectors it's nice but can eat up a budget fast.

The stock throttle body can be modified to flow more air than a 42mm Mikuni carburetor kit.
The 42 Mikuni has been making +100 hp in Sportsters going back to Ironheads.
Modifying your throttle body is the best bang for the buck thing you can do for a high rev Sporty.

I will disassemble your throttle body and machine the back side to 1.67" (42.5mm). The manifold is hand ported to match the
body. The inner plenum is opened up and the injector bosses blended. The manifold to head flange is opened up to 1.67" and
blended into the port in your head. 42.5mm is the largest we can safely go with the stock or SE manifold. With a set of 4.2
injectors it is enough for 6800+ rpm for less than a 42 Mikuni carb kit!

This service is available separately.

Cylinders & Pistons
Now that we have the heads and intake working we will fit a set of Wiseco forged 10.5:1 pistons.
Your cylinders will be torque plated and honed to spec and the rings fit.

I use a couple different cams to match the kind of power you want.
The Zippers 567 and the Woods W8S make great wheelie pulling low and mid range power with a good top end.
Add a 30 tooth counter shaft pulley for a great in town and highway bike.

For the throttle jockey that wants to rev it up with good mid range and screaming 7000+ rpm top end  horsepower the
Woods W9BS can't be beat. The Woods cams will need the pinion gear in your engine to be replaced with a 91-99
style gear.

Pushrods & Lifters
A set of Comp Cams Pro-Magnum lifters and a S&S adjustable pushrod kit with covers ensures a solid valve train that
can Rev

Valve to valve,valve to piston,cam lobe to case and tappet travel clearances are checked and compression ratio set for
the cam.              For the 567 and W8S it will be 10.5 and 10.75 with the W9BS.
Cometic gaskets keep it sealed up.

We use Dynojet Power Vision for the tuning. If you already have a Power Commander V or a Screamin' Eagle Super
Tuner we can work with that to get a great tune on your new motor. Front and rear fuel and timing maps will be
devolved to get the best performance and economy on pump non oxy gas. Cold start and warm up are monitored and

Exhaust & Air Filter
There are a lot of good exhaust pipes and air filters on the market. They very in looks and price.
A lot of customers already have them on their bike or have their own preferences.
Because of this I leave their cost out of these prices.

S2 Kit
$3800 +tax with 567 cams parts ,labor and tune
$4000 +tax with Woods W9BS cams parts ,labor and tune
Both kits will need a good flowing air filter and exhaust

Call Greg to talk about your project !
Stage 1 1200
Great all around street performance
We add a Red Shift 575 bolt in cam, S&S pushrod kit and Comp Cams Pro-Magnum lifters to the pipes & air filter kit.
This will really wake up your 1200 with a big boost in mid range and top end power.
$2550.00 +tax
Pipes, Air Filter and Tune
Starting Point
This is where it begins if you have a stock bike and just want your bike to sound and run better than the factory sent it
There are many different exhaust pipes on the market and the prices vary.
The best bang for the buck we have found are the Vance & Hines Shortshots Staggered.
The Arlen Ness Big Sucker air filter kits work well and are priced right.
We top it off with a custom tune using Power Vision to get you the most power and economy.
$1500 +tax

If you have a particular exhaust and air filter you would like to use we can work with you.